Number One Agency – Go Au Pair


Au Pair ClearingHouse
Survey Results Reveal the
3 Top-Rated Au Pair Agencies
The Good NEWS for parents looking for an affordable childcare option!
America’s first and only consumer website on the au pair industry,, released its 2010-2011 Host Family Satisfaction Survey and we are happy to share their results:

Host Parent Survey shows an increase in overall au pair agency satisfaction from last year’s survey findings. The percentage of top-ratings—“excellent”—given by host parents goes up from 39 percent a year ago to 49 percent in the latest survey!
This is certainly good news certainly reflects a positive trend for customer service in the au pair industry. Au pairs are highly affordable and one of the most popular childcare choices for busy American families.

While most au pair agencies receive very favorable customer satisfaction ratings from host parents, there are 3 agencies that receive positive evaluations that are above average and deserve recognition in their yearly Top 3 Au Pair Agency List! goAuPair not only made the 2011 list, but we are rated Number ONE!
Number One Agency – goAuPair

In this year’s survey, three-quarters [75%] of host parents give highly-favorable ratings [“very good” – “excellent”] to goAuPair’s overall customer service.

Among the consistently high customer service scores are positive evaluations of:

quality of au pairs [100% favorable],
time it took to match [75% favorable],
goAuPair counselors [75% top-ratings of “excellent”].
all areas of customer service are rated positively and no individual survey items are problematic.
agency fees – when evaluating agency fees, none of the host parents [0%] think agency fees are too expensive for what you get.
Sample of Comments:

“Agency is always friendly and professional and we appreciate their attention to details.”

“We checked out goaupair based on Aupairclearinghouse’s reviews and interview with Tanna Wilson and we liked what we read. The agency is all that they said and more. We are very happy with our au pair!”

“Very satisfied and we appreciate the opportunity to take your survey so we can support such a wonderful agency as goaupair.”

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