Beyond Hopscotch


With one or two pieces of chalk, you can turn a stretch of pavement into a colorful grid for a round of springtime games.
What You Need
Snail’s Pace: Draw a large spiral (shaped like a snail’s shell) on the ground. Make a circle in the center and label it Home. Divide the rest of the spiral into a dozen spaces.
To start, the first player must hop on one foot, landing in each space, all the way to the Home circle, where she can land on both feet before turning and hopping back out. If she completes the feat without stepping on a line, she can write her initials in the space of her choice. No other player can land there for the rest of the game.
The next person in line then tries her luck at hopping to and from the center, skipping over the initialed space. If she succeeds, she earns a square. Play continues in this manner until no one is able to reach Home. Whoever has earned the most spaces wins.
TIC-TAC-TOSS: Younger kids will get a kick out of this pebble-tossing variation of tic-tac-toe. Draw a large box on the pavement and a tic-tac-toe grid inside it. The first player tries to toss a pebble or a coin into one of the squares. If he succeeds, he marks the space with an X. A marker that lands on any of the lines is considered a miss. Then, the other player tries to earn a square, marking his win with an O. The first to fill three squares in a row wins.

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