Childcare Facts from Go Au Pair

55% of our available Au Pairs have over 200 hours of experience with children under 2

Each family will have different requirements when it comes to the type of childcare they need and these questions will help you determine an Au Pair’s ability to care for your children:
  • What kind of activities will you do with my children?  By asking the Au Pair what she plans to do with children, you will be able to decide if her interests will match the interests of your children and how creative she is.
  • What would you do if…?  These types of scenario questions will help you see how the Au Pair responds to situations.  Use scenarios that are specific to the ages of your children such as, “what would you do if my baby is crying?” or “what would you do if my 9 year old does not want to do his homework?”
  • How did you manage working with more than one child at a time?  This question will be very important if you have more than one child that your Au Pair will care for.  Use this question to ask about what activities she did and how she provided care and active supervision for each child at the same time.

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