The benefits of Au Pair Child Care for military families


While a great option for most families, military families in particular have benefitted tremendously from the schedule flexibility, cultural immersion and personal one-on-one attention provided through live-in Au Pair Child Care.  We talked to Zena Button, a Go Au Pair’s Local Area Representative in Fayetteville, NC which is a military-heavy area and she explained some of advantages of hiring Au Pairs for military families.
Family members who work for the military forces always have to change their schedules to accommodate a spouse’s deployment, “With an Au Pair, families have up to 45 hours of childcare, so even when your spouse deploys, you will still have that extra helping hand to assist around the house, prepare food and drive your kids to all their events.  The extra time and peace of mind are priceless.”
Military families may also be required to move frequently in a short period of time.  With an Au Pair, you won’t need to search for a different care giver everything you move – this consistency will help to create a stronger bond between your children and their Au Pair, “Being a military spouse, you do not get the benefit of having an aunt, grandma or a cousin living around the corner that can stop by and watch your kids. This is when your Au Pair can fill in and act as an older brother or sister to your children.”
Beyond the help they provide around the house, having an Au Pair also creates a cultural experience for both parties.  The Au Pair is able to provide a unique cultural perspective to their host family, including their native language, culture, and lifestyle while the military family can provide the Au Pair with insight into American traditions and history.
Go Au Pair greatly values the services provided by our armed forces. Military families who sign up with Go Au Pair receives a $250.00 discount from our standard price.


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