Elbow Tag Game

The quirky rules for this fast-moving version of tag allow players to participate or “grab an elbow” to catch their breath.


What you’ll need

  • Large grassy area

How to play

  1. Divide the group into pairs. Have partners link elbows and stand in a very large circle, leaving at least 10 feet between each pair. Now designate one player as “It” — call him Greg — and choose another player, Ann, as the one being pursued. If Greg can tag Ann, she becomes “It.” However, if Ann wants to escape (and take a rest from running), she simply runs toward one of the standing couples and links elbows with one of the pair to make a threesome.
  2. In this game, two is company but three is a crowd: When Ann latches on, the one member of the pair whose arm she did not take must break away at top speed. This player instantly becomes new prey for “It” — until he dashes to yet another pair for safety. The confusing transitions can provide a break for weary runners and give even a slow-moving “It” a chance to catch Ann.

Originally posted on spoonful.com



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