Deleware River Tubing

Address: 2998 Daniel Bray Highway (Route 29) Frenchtown, New Jersey 08825


Whether you prefer to tube, kayak, canoe or raft, this fun adventure is worth the trip! This is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy nature! The trip is about 3-4 hrs down the Deleware and “The Famous River Hot Dog Man” is halfway on your trip at Adventure Island on the river to offer a free BBQ with every admission ticket. The BBQ meal, includes two hot dogs or a cheeseburger, a large beverage, and a frozen candy bar or bag of chips. If you’re not a fan of hot dogs or cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, and nachos and cheese are available with a $2.00 meal upgrade. The pricing starts at $28 for a tube and goes up to $55 for a kayak. 

Season starts June 9th!


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