Games to play with kids- bowling pin derby


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You won’t strike out with this fun indoor bowling game. Create a kid-friendly bowling alley in your living room. All the fun of bowling without the rental shoes.

What you’ll need

Modeling clay

Disposable plastic cups

Duct tape

Small ball (i.e. tennis, foam, or rubber)

How to play

1 First, make the bowling pins. To make each pin (for the derby below), stick a small lump of modeling clay (about 1 inch thick) to the inner bottom of a disposable plastic cup.

2 Invert a second cup and set it atop the first. Then tape together the rims with colored duct tape.

3 Set up the pins in triangular formation. Make a row of four pins and then make a row of three pins in front of the first row of four. Then make a row of two in front of the row of three. Finally place the head pin in front of the row of two.

4 Each player gets three consecutive rolls of a ball to knock down as many pins as possible. If all the pins fall before the third roll, reset them and continue. You get one point for each fallen pin. The person who knocks down the most pins wins.


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