Qualities of good Au Pairs

Originally posted on goaupair.com

Before becoming an Au Pair, it’s important to understand the types of qualities Host Families are looking for. So, we asked a couple of our Local Area Representatives to give their input from their experiences working with Host Families and Au Pairs.
Alissa McDermott, our LAR in Annadale, Virginia, says clear communication is at the top of the list. She said, “Host Families would rather answer what appears to be a silly question rather than have the Au Pair make a costly mistake.”
Other qualities Alissa said good Au Pairs often have are good listening skills, confidence, assertiveness, good driving skills, are honest, don’t smoke, and are creative.
Julia Stone, our LAR in Long Beach California, said qualities of good Au Pairs she has seen include openness to learning new things, having a positive attitude, good communication skills, and the ability to adjust to change.
“Most Host Families I have dealt with really rely on the Au Pairs to use their discretion when it comes to the kids free time, so they have to not be afraid of being in charge and being firm,” Alissa said. “Families want an Au Pair who is creative and can come up with ways to entertain the kids without simply sitting them in front of a TV or computer all day.”
During the interviewing process, be prepared to answer specific questions and respond to given scenarios. Host Families are looking for specific personality traits, qualities, and values. Be honest about who you really are.

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