Host Families play a role in preparing future business leaders

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Host Families may not recognize the influence they can have in an Au Pair’s life. A recent article in the New York Times highlighted Judy Olian, dean of the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She is one of very few women in the country who is a business school dean.
Olian, a native of Australia, was also an Au Pair in France after she graduated from high school. She attributes part of her success to her travel experiences as a young adult. She went on to receive a master’s degree and doctorate after her Au Pair experience.
Olian said to prepare to enter the rapidly changing business world, future business leaders need to have an international perspective. In this day in age, business schools and businesses in general need to be globally minded. More and more students and young adults are being encouraged to participate in cultural exchanges and study abroad.
Au Pairs are at the beginning of their life experiences. Although Host Families may not know where their Au Pair is headed after their experience is over, they can share their culture and knowledge with them. After they leave, the Au Pairs can take what they’ve learned, share their experiences and use them to help lead their own communities throughout the world.

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