Au Pair program increases global understanding


Last November, Representative Russ Carnahan (D-MO) of the United States House of Representatives spoke highly of the Au Pair program.
Carnahan himself took part in a study abroad program as a student and said it was a life changing experience.
He said living outside of your own country is a tremendous opportunity for young adults.
In 1986, the first Au Pairs arrived in the New York. Carnahan said since then, the Au Pair cultural exchange program spread throughout the U.S. and has become even stronger and continues to grow.
According to the J-1 Visa website, there are over 14,500 Au Pairs currently living in America.
The following statement is an excerpt from Carnahan’s speech:
“This exchange experience has profoundly changed the lives of au pairs, the young children they care for and their host families through their daily exchange of ideas and broadening their global understanding through a sharing of culture, language, and religion. Furthermore, au pairs have been active contributing members of their American community where they live through their engagement in community and religious activities, giving of their time and talents to charitable organizations and volunteering their time to teach young children in schools about their native country.”

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