Benefits of Keeping a Childcare Log

One of the keys to effective parenting is to keep it consistent. While sharing the role of caring for your children with your Au Pair can be a huge help, sometimes it can be frustrating. This is mostly due to a lack of communication.The best way to keep the lines of communication open, and keep the care your child is receiving consistent, is to keep a log of daily activities, schedules and little notes and reminders. By keeping a log through out the day, you and your Au Pair can see what the children have been up to (ie: what time they ate, if they had bathed yet, when the baby had their last diaper change) and what still needs to be done. The log can be as detailed as what has been happening hourly or a summary of activities before you or your Au Pair is “tagged in”. I recommend a three subject notebook with the following sections: Daily Log, Daily Summary and Daily Notes. With a busy schedule, you and your Au Pair may not be able to remember, let alone share, every aspect of the day, but being able to look back in your log will help to make sure that everyone is on the same page…pun intended.


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