Middle Class Host Family

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We are a first time host family …had a 5 week experience with a young lady who decided it wasnt what she expected and went home..so..after rematching we now have a lovely girl from Columbia.
My question is this…it seems that MOST, if not ALL of the other host families in my area are very wealthy…offering SUV’s to their aupairs… I Phones, vacations to the Caribbean..etc….EXCEPT for us…we are a middle class family who shares the minivan with the aupair…bought her a Tracfone and dont think we will be hitting the Virgin Islands this year…
Please tell me there are other middle class families who are hosting aupairs…I almost feel bad for my aupair when she visits the others in their big beautiful mansions!

Middle Class Families
I was reading about other family issues with Au Pairs and I found this discussion.
Let me give you a little background about myself. My wife and I got married and have two children. We both worked and were looking into childcare solutions. After paying for all the childcare expenses for one we were dreading the addtional childcare expenses that an infant was gong to cost us. We are a middle class family that both worked for the local government. Heck, we couldn’t afford to live in the town that we work for.
So after comparing the cost between Childcare and the Au Pair program, we choose an Au Pair program. We weren’t really good researching the various agencies we just picked the one that a friend had been using. Luckly for us it has worked out well for us. We have had 5 Au Pairs and we were successful with 4 of them. One just wasn’t ready for really working and not living comfy lifestyle. We choose to re-match with a new Au Pair from out of the Country.
It has been a challenge for us carpooling to work, juggling schedules for Au Pair to have a car for her activites and the family having a car for our needs.
After a while we actully were recruited by the our Agency to become Local Child Care coordinators. Now we oversee about 23 Au Pair and families and most of them are middle class. Some Au Pairs have some good amendaties, but others have great host familes and don’t care about the extra things.
I guess I just wanted to say that you are not the only “Middle Class” family that has an Au Pair. There are lots out there and the Au Pairs and family are having great a great year.
The keys that I recommend to having a good year are do a through interview before picking an Au Pair, ie don’t give them “Yes, or No” questions. Set the House Rules before they get there and be tough at first (it’s a lot easier to give than to take away). Finally make sure that you have opened a good two way communication between the host family and the Au Pair once they arrive!
Good luck!!!!!

I don’t think that the majority of Au Pairs care about the size of your home or how much money you make. They worry about having a good year (or 2) with a family who cares about them and welcomes them into their family as a member, not a guest or employee.



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