Pad for Dad

Pad for Dad from Family Fun


1. Cut three sheets of plain letter-size paper in half lengthwise. Fold the two sets of three sheets in half. Working on one set at a time, punch two holes 3/4-inch in from the fold and the side.

2. Cut two pieces of thin cardboard the same size as the folded white paper, then trim about 1/8-inch from the short ends. Cut a 4 1/4- by 11-inch piece from a brown paper bag, then use glue stick to adhere it to the two cardboard pieces, leaving a small gap between them, as shown. Punch four holes 3/4 of an inch from the gap and the side.
3. Fold the brown paper cover around the two sets of white paper. Feed a loop of a 3 1/2-inch rubber band through each hole, and slide a small stick through the loops. Attach newspaper letters to the cover with glue stick.


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