Benefits of Having an Au Pair

Benefits od having an Au Pair from the

My son recently celebrated his 5th birthday and what a blast!

While I tried hard to keep the volume of presents under control, family and friends got the best of me. Former au pairs sent cards, called and one even visited! But, what I didn’t expect were presents from my current au pair’s family back in Brazil! You heard me correctly- presents from my au pairs real family!

For my sons birthday, my au pair’s family sent him a package filled with all kinds of goodies: dragon figures, flip flops, cool pens, etc. They so went above and beyond.

I think any parent would agree that if you shipped your child to another country and let him/her live with someone, you would want to get to know the “hosts”.

And, perhaps more importantly, if you knew the “hosts” treated your child really well (even if your child is 24 years old!), you would want to thank them and embrace them. 🙂 That has been the case with a few of our au pairs.

Their real families have gone above and beyond to get to know us. They have visited us, sent holiday presents, called to “visit” and more.

It is nice to know that in some special cases, your relationship far extends beyond just your au pair. You get to know your au pairs family- their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. What a wonderful experience and an amazing chance to build lifelong bonds.

And, of course, your kids think it is amazing. Because, it is like having another grandparent with toys that are soooooooooooooo cool!

This year my son had an amazing birthday. And, so much of it was because of our au pairs! So, thanks ladies.



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