What is an au pair?


What is Au Pair Child Care?Image

Au Pair child care is an extraordinary cultural experience through full time, live-in care and supervision of your children. Au Pair child care is flexible, affordable, customizable and fun! Au Pair child care is more than a solution to your child care needs; it’s an invaluable cultural exchange opportunity.
Au Pair child care lets you choose a solution that’s right for you. With Au Pair child care you can choose:

Who are Au Pairs?

Au Pairs are pre-screenedinternational young adults with child care experience and training who you hand select to become part of your family. Au Pairs are mature, enthusiastic, unique individuals who want to come to the United States and care for your children. Au Pairs are more than care providers; they are role models, mentors, teachers, coaches, cheerleaders, big brothers, big sisters and friends.

What is the Au Pair Program?

The Au Pair Program is a Department of State cultural exchange visitor program under which Au Pairs and Au Pair child care are regulated. Only designated sponsors, like Go Au Pair, can administer the Au Pair Program to legally bring Au Pairs into the U.S. and ensure all rule and regulations are enforced. Go Au Pair is one of the originally designated Au Pair Agencies and has been administering the program for over 20 years.


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