Au Pair Reviews


Knowing you are making the right child care choice to be an Au Pair is important to your succes. Hearing experiences from other Au Pairs just like you  can help assure you that the Au Pair experience is right for you. Here are just a few comments from some of  our satisfied Au Pairs from around the world:
“Well I think my experience as an aupair was unexpected!! I never thought something like that could affect my life the way it did. Why? Well, because it was full of learning, growing and much of everything.
The two families that welcomed me were ideal for me because in their way, they taught me how to be strong and to be pacient. They gave me the chance to be part of their family, to participate and to be a part of their children’s life.”

– Lilian, an Au Pair from El Salvador

You have given me the chance to se a part  of the world that I would have never seen if it wasn’t for you! You  have also given me a chance to see a part of myself and experience a  part of my soul that I would never have reached by myself.
I came here to learn more about other cultures and to find out who I am  and what I want out of life and what I want to do with my life. I Have  accomplished just that! I have figured out what I need in a friendship  what occupation I am going to follow! I have leaned that dreams really  can come true if you work hard and never give up!
And now I am going to chase my dream that is photography, pursue it and live up to it! I have leaned to understand myself and was forced to figure things out  with myself, I tested my determination and endurance. I am glad I did!

– Chantell, an Au Pair from South Africa

As an Au Pair I was very lucky to have such a wonderful family with great kids, and an amazing Local Area Representative, who made our Au Pair Experience easier, relaxing and funner!! My English was definitely improving from talking to everyone I knew. Our LAR, Eric Naylor, took us to soooo many places around the Michigan area, from baseball games to Auto Shows, many many more events and he even took all of us, the Au Pairs, to an amazing humongous Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio!! My host- family loved my job so much that they decided to extend my visa and I ended up staying with them for 2 years and 6 moths.

– Diana, an Au Pair from Peru

My experience as an Au Pair has been great I had the chance to meet wonderful people to travel make friends and also make appreciate more my family in my country now I fell like I learn a lot and also I learn more about kids how to be responsible that is something that you never could pay back.

– Anna, an Au Pair from Ecuador

My experience as an au pair has been spectacular. It has really been both good and bad experiences at times, but it has made me realize how strong I am. I have discovered things that I didn’t know about myself. I’m glad i did this. I’m used to being away from home now. I’m loving it here and I want to thank GoAupair and Aupair Travel for my wonderful experience.

– Prudence, an Au Pair from South Africa

Being an au pair brought me a lot of great experiences. I got to travel in many different places, even out of the US. There were so many beautiful things I’ve seen and learned as I visited those places. I learned to appreciate the diversity of people and the beauty of the nature. I had a great host family. They treated me as part of their family. I was able to experience how Americans live, at the same time, they respected the way I live and my culture. I was also part of their holiday family traditions. They also helped me to get adjusted in America. I was even introduced to their friends and relatives. They were there when I needed help and supported me in my actions and decisions. Their children also learned to love me. We had a great time playing, doing arts and crafts, dancing, singing, and doing many other things.

– Carren, an Au Pair from Philippines

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